Identity based networking for embedded systems


Execution view of a TrustZone enabled ARMv8-M processor core.

A code sequence with good auto-correlation properties yields a Gaussian-distribution of cross-correlation scores.
  • Symbol Extraction*
  • Symbol decoding*
  • Token recovery*

7. Symbol Extraction

Recording cash mode’s ‘near-ultrasound’ signal.

  1. Precision farming or agriculture.
  2. Industrial inspections.
  3. 3D terrain mapping and image processing
  4. Border defense
  5. Hyper-local delivery (including medical supplies)

The esp32 (IoT) board connected to a 0.50$ crypto-processor (atecc608a)

The goal— Evaluate how one could vastly improve security in any IoT project with just 0.50$. (yes, including that 10$ thing that has no business being connected to the internet.)

  1. You need a unique device identity to securely — ‘authenticate your device’
  2. You need to make sure the code on your device is what you expect it to be — ‘firmware validation aka secure boot’
  3. You need to know that people can’t make (illegitimate) copies of your devices…

Quite the attention grabber!

A mind map of challenges I’ve had to deal with in analyzing firmware.

Nihal Pasham

Product Security | IoT Edge & Cloud Security | Security Strategist | Adversarial Resilience & Neural Networks

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